Degree Programs

Extreme Heat Research

Extreme heat is among the leading causes of weather-related deaths in the US. Electrically-powered air conditioning can reduce heat exposure and thus protect human health. Due to rising demand and more frequent severe weather, electrical blackouts have become increasingly common.

Iowa-ASU Broadband Data Portal Home

BUILDING A RESEARCH COMMUNITY ON BROADBAND AND INTERNET USE This portal makes publicly available innovative data on internet and broadband use, particularly at the subnational level, where many policy initiatives are taking place, and where there has been a shortage of reliable and comparable data on broadband, mobile and Internet use by individuals and organizations. Through this portal, we are making available to researchers and policymakers several new types of data, along with graphics and maps to visualize trends and comparisons.

Synthetic Empathy

Examines how using a computer-mediated environment to facilitate consensus-oriented deliberation among common-pool resource stakeholders can increase their empathy and result in more effective policies.