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Joffa Applegate
Graduate Research Assistant

Joffa is interested in using agent-based modeling to develop policy models in behavioural economics and industrial organisation in order to better inform policy-makers.

Jordan Bates
Graduate Research Assistant

Jordan is a PhD student in Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences.  His research focuses on social network analysis, computational social science, and data science for social good.

Benedicte Callan
CPI Affiliate, Clinical Professor

Benedicte's interests are broadly about the  political and economic impact of new technolgies in the life sciences and medicine; how these  new technologies challenge existing institutional structures and business models; and what policies influence innovation or the uptake of new technologies.

Loretta Cheeks
Graduate Research Assistant

Loretta's research focuses on news frames of conflict over dynamic complex problems and its’ migration path across online social networks: current complex problem being water insecurity in the Southwest region of the United States. This problem is grounded in data mining, network theory and graph theory.

Marcella Columbus
Graduate Research Assistant

Marcella is a graduate student in the School of Public Affairs. She also served as a TA for Professor Johnston's PAF 300 course in Fall 2015.

Stephanie Cordel
Research Assistant

Stephanie is a second year graduate student pursuing a master’s of social work in the College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Her research interests include community-based participatory research, social empathy, and mindfulness-based interventions. 

Brianne Fisher
Graduate Research Assistant

Brianne is a Graduate student in the Public Administration MPA program. She works for the Arizona State Parks Department.

John Harlow
Postdoctoral Scholar

John's research examines how transformational sustainable urban planning can improve participation and outcomes for local governance. It also addresses how governance systems can leverage behavioral sciences (psychology, neuroscience, economics, etc.) to achieve more sustainable outcomes with digital tools.

Eric Hekler
Asst Professor

Eric's research program focuses on how technology and context can be utilized and harnessed to promote healthful living (e.g., physical activity & healthful eating).

Keren Hirsch
Administrative Asst

Keren manages the Center for Policy Informatics. She has a background in writing and editing.